House of Mutt

A canine club in the country, the House of Mutt’s doors, dog beds, gardens and laps are open to dogs of distinction looking for a holiday. With acres of space, comfort and expert supervision including an in-house vet, dogs staying at the House of Mutt can enjoy their holidays whilst you relax, and enjoy yours. The House of Mutt invites you to check us out and check in.

  • Canine Club by House of Mutt featured in the Dayly Mail

    "At House of Mutt the dogs live as part of the family. It's hard to say exactly what it is that makes it all work so well but it just does, perhaps a combination of the space, the set-up, the expertise and the enthusiasm. It's simple, relaxed and easy - the way the dogs like it!"

  • Sarah and the dogs at the Canine Club by House of Mutt
  • Sarah and the dogs at the Canine Club by House of Mutt
  • Sarah and the dogs at the Canine Club by House of Mutt
  • Sarah and the dogs at the Canine Club by House of Mutt


The Old Rectory sits in twelve acres of meadowland on the Euston Estate, and Merton Hall is the Merton Estate. Grandiose surroundings don't much matter to dogs, but we think it's nice to know they're staying at An Address, don't you!

Fully fenced paddocks and woodland, lovely old stable yards, gentle rivers and an abundance of sofas and squashy beds in front of the fire, the House of Mutt really is doggy paradise.

The treats

Variety is the spice of life and there’s plenty for both dogs (caniX, training, jumping, grooming) and owners (portraits, training!) available here.

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The team

We're experienced, relaxed, dog-loving people who know how to let dogs enjoy themselves while remaining enjoyable for those around them.

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The taxi

A door-to-door transport service, whether that's from home to House, House to airport, UK to abroad, back home, wherever...

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Thank you so much for taking such good care of my little man :-) ! He came home so happy, healthy, quite a bit slimmer as well as well groomed. He clearly had a great time with you. It makes me so calm to know that he is in good hands when I am away. Thank you!

Marie, London

Many thanks once again for taking such wonderful care of Scarlett.  She had an absolutely amazing time and has come back home to us in such fabulous health and spirits.  Thank you.

Melanie, London
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