House Rules

The welfare of the dogs in our care and the confidence of their owners are our highest priorities. These House Rules reflect those priorities.

Before outlining the more usual terms and conditions, it should be emphasised that all dogs at the House of Mutt will be walked on fields, woods, riverbanks, beaches and forests, and will be living and eating in a home environment alongside a small number of similarly socialised dogs from various households. Every care will be taken to ensure the dogs are safe at all times, but if owners are not happy with this level of fun and freedom they should arrange for isolated, kennelled accommodation elsewhere – what I call the ‘hermetically sealed box option’.

On the basis of that understanding, please find following our House Rules, designed to facilitate the safety of your dog and to ensure the confidence of all involved in their continued care.

Your Dog, Our Guest

Dogs are accepted on the basis of information provided verbally and on the Check In Form. Should dogs exhibit unsettling or dangerous behaviour not predictable from the information disclosed, the House of Mutt reserves the right to isolate them during the contract period. Dogs requiring such isolation will, depending on the situation, either be transferred into the Old Rectory Annex or a local boarding kennels, and the owners charged accordingly. It is therefore important the information provided is accurate, correct and includes such potential behavioural issues as possessiveness, aggression, running off or prolonged barking.

All dogs at the House of Mutt must have been vaccinated against and have annual boosters for Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough. In addition they must be on an up-to-date worming, flea and tick treatment programme using veterinary licensed products. The House of Mutt can administer these parasite treatments if requested by the owner at the time of check-in.

Sex… is not encouraged. We recommend all adult dogs are neutered or spayed before coming to the House of Mutt. We will only accept unspayed bitches on their owner’s understanding that we are not responsible if their bitch should fall pregnant while in our care and on the understanding that they will be liable for additional isolation charges if their dog shows signs of season during her stay. Unneutered male dogs are subjected to additional pressures which may lead to aggression and wandering, so it is recommended for their own safety and well-being that they are neutered prior to their visit. The House of Mutt accepts no responsibility for issues arising from dogs being unneutered. Should unneutered dogs exhibit unsettling or dangerous behaviour, the House of Mutt reserves the right to isolate them during the contract period and charge their owners accordingly.

All dogs are exercised commensurate with their fitness and energy levels and their age. The majority of the dogs in our care are walked off-lead when in suitable, safe environments. Please advise us on the Check In Form if you would not like your dog walked off lead or if your dog has specific exercise requirements.

Bookings are confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable deposit of £250 per week’s stay.  Balance of payment is due on the day of checkout. A minimum charge of £50 per stay applies.  If the stay is cancelled at less than a month’s notice and we are unable to fill the space from a Wait List, the full amount of the stay will be charged.  If a dog is returned home early on the request of the owner, the unused period of the contract will be charged. If a dog is returned home early on the request of the House of Mutt for any reason other than the behaviour of that dog or that she has come in to season, the unused period of the contract will not be charged.

House of Mutt’s undertaking:

House of Mutt will do all they can as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety and highest welfare of the dogs in their care, and to abide by the guidelines outlined on the Check In Form.

House of Mutt will make every effort to contact the owner for guidance should their dog fall ill or suffer an accident whilst at House of Mutt. If this proves impossible or impracticable, House of Mutt reserves the right to use the services, at the expense of the owner, of our recommended Veterinary Practice. All costs, fees and expenses incurred as a result of accidents or illnesses will be the full responsibility of the owner. Should a dog require veterinary treatment the House of Mutt may contact your vet out of professional courtesy. Please advise us if you would prefer us not to do so.

House of Mutt cannot accept  liability for loss, injury or death of dogs in our care.  All dogs should have valid insurance taken out by their owners, the details of which are outlined on the Check In form.

Dogs at The House of Mutt will be under the immediate care and control of Sarah Mountford at The Old Rectory, Fakenham Magna;  Monica Herbert, The Gables, Shouldham (19/68/AA_NEW); Melanie Firth, The Old Dairy, Honington; or Rachel Earp, Springfield, Cottered.  Each location has a valid Local Authority License to care for dogs in their home, and has current Home Boarding insurance. Owner’s contact details will be shared with their dog’s main House of Mutt carer.

In addition they may be taken on walks or looked after by other experienced, trustworthy, trained and responsible staff. We reserve the right, and only in the interest of the dog, to place the dog with other experienced carers should the need arise.

All new members of the House of Mutt are obviously introduced slowly and under controlled conditions to make sure that everyone fits in happily.  A typical daily routine at the House of Mutt might go something like: 7.30am Leg stretch in the paddock before breakfast. 10am Morning walk at the heath. 2pm Afternoon walk which might include a swim in the river, a bit of school sport-supporting, a training session in the paddock, a little light agility. 5.30pm Tea followed by an evening in front of the open fire. 10pm Evening stroll in the garden. Biscuit. Sleep in the kitchen.

Owner’s undertaking:

Owners must provide full and correct information about their dog both verbally prior to booking and on the Check In Form once booked. All clients must complete a Check In form (one per dog) for each booking. Completion of the Check In Form signifies acceptance of these House Rules. Should clients not complete a provided Check In Form, their previous form will be taken as current and their completion of the booking-in process will be taken as proof of acceptance of these House Rules.

Owners must inform House of Mutt as soon as is practicably possible if they require their dog to stay for different dates than originally agreed. House of Mutt will do all they can to accommodate such changes but reserves the right to re-house the dog if needs be at the expense of the owner.

Owners will indemnify House of Mutt for all costs, claims and damages arising from any act of their dog whilst in the care of House of Mutt.  Owners are liable for the full replacement value of any item at House of Mutt which is damaged by their dog unless it was clearly caused by House of Mutt’s negligence or unless the owner provided adequate warning of such possible behaviour on the Check In Form.


From time to time House of Mutt may make recommendations or introductions of other service providers who may be of interest. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the services provided are suitable and we accept no liability in relation to any such services or any loss arising from or in connection with them.

Any health or behavioural recommendations are House of Mutt’s opinion-only and should be taken as such. It is the responsibility of the client to follow up any such recommendations with their own veterinary surgeon or dog behaviourist.

House of Mutt reserves the right to refuse to provide services in respect of any dog at any time without prior warning.

These House Rules may be subject to change at any time without prior notification. This website, its contents and prices are also subject to change at the discretion of the House of Mutt. All prices quoted are excl VAT.

Thank you.