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Your dog, your goals.  Our job: to help you achieve them.

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The House of Mutt School is all about aiding better communication between dog and owner. It is not necessarily about winning Obedience Classes or Crufts Agility, it’s about achieving that happy situation whereby your dog understands and does what you want, and you understand (but not necessarily do!) what he/she wants.

We are most often invited in when a new puppy is planned so, going from that point on, we can assist with the following:

  • Thoughts on what breed of puppy may best suitin-house-training2
  • Finding your breeder, choosing your puppy
  • Kit lists, useful Contacts, Preparing for the new arrival, Settling in
  • Early puppy lessons at home
  • Puppy lessons away from home: Socialisation, Manners, Broadening horizons
  • Teenage training/Boarding School
  • Tackling problems
  • Introducing new fun activities together – enjoying each other’s company
  • Activities to keep old dogs young

House of Mutt School has three branches which, ideally, work in tandem to produce your version of complete canine perfection…

In House Training at Our Home

in-house-trainingTrainers at House of Mutt Old Rectory and House of Mutt Mead House work with dogs during their regular holiday stays.

  • Socialisation
  • The Important Basics – impulse control and manners
  • House training
  • Recall / whistle training
  • Lead work
  • Agility

This training ‘on holiday’ is particularly effective as it is done in a relaxed domestic setting where lessons are more likely to take root and can be staggered throughout the day depending on concentration levels and energy. Pups’ limited attention spans and quickly tiring bodies respond much better to 6 x 10 minute sessions, for instance, than an hour’s mind-blowing study.

Pablo Puppy Lesson   Flash’s First Lessons   Brandi

Costs vary from five to fifty pounds depending on what’s needed. Contact to discuss.

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Personal Training at Your Home

personal-training3It’s no good having a super-trained dog and then not knowing how to achieve the same results at home!

The second branch of the House of Mutt School, Personal Training, involves one-to-one sessions with our coach at your home.

This primarily happens in London but our trainers can travel elsewhere by arrangement. Sessions are between an hour and an hour and a half. Contact to discuss availability and requirements.


Treats & Retreats

Training should be as much about you and your dog enjoying each other as it is about rules and regulations. The third branch of the House of Mutt School is about aiding and abetting that enjoyment. We are always thinking up new ideas and working with top quality partners to create unique House of Mutt experiences. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in touch with what’s being planned next.

The House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park Retreats, three days of pampering in a breathtaking 5* hotel near Bath, are an example of how to enjoy top quality time with your dog. For you: spa, socialising, Michelin restaurant, beautiful surroundings, dog training and the opportunity to do fun things with your dog (whether that’s making Lily’s Kitchen dog treats in the Hotel Cookery School, giving Agility a go for the first time, and so on). For your dog: spending quality time with a very happy You, and training on tap from House of Mutt Trainers.
Contact for details of our next Lucknam Park Retreat.

House of Mutt @ Red Rooster offers a wonderful opportunity for owners to combine the festival thang and dog thang. Pictures tell a thousand words so click here to view the 2017 festival experience….

Trainers come to events such as the Kensington Cockerpoo Club meets. And agility meets.
And we go to the beach …

And so on.

The point of having a dog is to have fun together – the House of Mutt School is here to help with that in any way we can!

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