The Entertainment & Training

Plenty of exercise and entertainment are key to happy cohabitation. All our dogs have the amount of exercise they need and want, with plenty of variety thrown in to stimulate the brain as much as the body. CaniX running, retrieve training, beach walks, swims in the river, woodland hide and seek sessions, off-lead walks, on-lead training, dog agility, and so on and so forth. No two days at the House of Mutt need ever be the same!

The Grooming

With a grooming team consisting of in-house groomer, a vet and a dog first-aider for nail clipping etc, the House of Mutt is able to meet all your dog grooming needs either with a full treatment or simply a pre-home-coming shampoo and fluff. Rates and availability should be discussed on booking.


The Food

Dogs thrive on the diet and feeding regime they’re accustomed to so the House of Mutt is happy to feed food supplied by owners for the stay. If you’d prefer us to purchase this food on your behalf before your dog’s arrival, we can do so by prior arrangement. Or if you’d prefer to feed our own muesli mix, that’s equally fine.

The Posing

Animal portrait artist Chris Winch, artist in residence at the National Stud in Newmarket, is a regular visitor at the House of Mutt so gets to know dogs well before he paints their portrait – the best way, really, for character to come through. Rates and options should be discussed on booking.

Animal photographer Marie Bushill is available for photographic portraits. As with Chris, she will come to the House of Mutt to really get to know each subject prior to portraiture. Rates and options should be discussed on booking.

The Taxi

We will collect your dog from home and drop off again as convenient. The House of Mutt 4x4 is on the London circuit up to three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and for places off that well-beaten track, just ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are also able to arrange transportation to and from abroad, including pre-flight veterinary checks and certification, airport check-in and collections, flights and passport applications. For rates and options please contact us.

The Team

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