BTW, for my London friends who own dogs, send your dogs to House of Mutt whenever you are away!  They will never want to come home!  I seriously cannot speak highly enough of Sarah and the House of Mutt.  This is the place I talk about being the ‘Doggy Four Seasons’!

Brianna, formerly London, now New York (via Facebook)

We really do appreciate all of the excellent care and attention you have given L whilst we have been here in England.  We will miss the peace of mind we have when he is staying with you.

Bill, London

I’m glad I’ve finally found somewhere so perfect for her to go to!

Leyla, London

Many thanks once again for taking such wonderful care of Scarlett.  She had an absolutely amazing time and has come back home to us in such fabulous health and spirits.  Thank you.

Melanie, London

Thanks again so much, and we look forward to seeing Roku all refreshed!! I must admit, he always comes home in such great condition and even our porters get impressed!

Mika, London

Thank you so much for your very sweet note and all the photos – I loved them! I think you are running an excellent business and I will definitely call you again when I go away next time. Thanks again!

Mary, London

Dear Sarah,  I can’t thank you enough for helping us with S! He’s like a totally different dog. He’s much more relaxed and happy- still super curious but no more yawning, whining, or any of those nervous signs he was displaying before. We’re going to have high expectations for him to follow directions (as per your instructions!) but we’re also giving him tons of love.  Thanks again for everything!

Sara, London

Dear Sara, I have to come to see for myself your place, Benjie was in a state of madness when Peter came to collect him!

Federica, London

By the way, I know I have said this before but I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all you are doing right now. This drama has been made so much easier knowing that Lulu is in good hands.

Brianna, London

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my little man :-) ! He came home so happy, healthy, quite a bit slimmer as well as well groomed. He clearly had a great time with you. It makes me so calm to know that he is in good hands when I am away. Thank you!

Marie, London

You struck the perfect balance of concerned professional and caring dog-lover when you told me about her face.  I don’t feel (too!) guilty for not noticing it, just an amateur dog owner, but v relieved you found it, grateful you dealt with it straight away and reassured that I know what to do about it now. Thank you!

Christina, Norfolk

He will definitely come again! Even if I’m not away I can see that playing with the other dogs has made him so happy!!

Talita, London

Maisey returned looking very happy and in wonderful sleek and toned condition. She obviously had a perfectly splendid time and didn’t miss us one bit! Thank you so much.

Carol, London
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